As some of you might know one of our dreams is to get our own lifestyle block or rural property and start a home farm. Not massively big, but at first to become more self-sufficient - you know have a few chickens, a sheep or two, maybe a pig, some fruit and vegetables (and of course alpacas just because they are cute). And so in the interest of research (and because we can't do anything about our dream just yet except wait) I have been fairly active on a lifestyle block forum. Well with fairly active I mean asking a few questions, sharing a few things and mostly reading what other people write about and some of the issues or exciting news they have to share.

Recently one of the members on the forum invited us to come and have a look at her little kids (of the goat kind that is). And so the plan is to go visit them on Monday. I can hardly wait. I think the girls will simply love it. Anyway I told Bianca today that we will go and see this lady's kids. She sort of looked at me and I quickly added "they are baby goats, a baby goat is called a kid". She sort of smiled and I then said "and that means that when a mommy goat has a baby goat she is kidding". You should have seen the look on her face, it was almost as if she wanted to ask "are you kidding?"


Sharon said...

Hahahaha! That's excellent!

Anonymous said...

hehehehe, you go girl...