On the topic of our perfect day

One of the places we drove through to get to Mangawhai Heads was Warkworth. It is a really small town, but a really pretty town and you can read more about it here. I especially like the style buildings they have and they have some really old buildings too like this court house that has the date 1880 on it:

The town has such a peaceful feeling where a Sunday still feels like a Sunday and where some of the shops close and people take it easy. I think that's the kind of town I could quite happily live in.

And I also liked this park / reserve that is right there in the middle of town:

And then just a little bit out past all this we drove past Sheep World and we spotted this:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Of all our drives through Warkworth and the surrounding area we never did make it to Sheep World, the colourful sheep look great!

Anonymous said...

Pink sheep! How cute.