Monthly hospital visit

Yesterday we had Bianca's monthly hospital visit. She still needs monthly hospital visits for checkups and of course she still has her port which, as long as it is still part of her, will need to be flushed on a monthly basis to make sure it keeps working. The doctor confirmed yesterday they usually remove this 3 - 6 months after treatment ended. We had an early appointment for a change. Usually our monthly visits would be in the afternoon, which if you still need an IVIG, makes it feel like an incredibly long afternoon (especially when they start late). So the morning appointment felt so incredibly quick. Bianca's blood test results are still great. Her platelets are down just a little bit, but not anything to worry about. We are waiting for her immunoglobulin results and that will tell us if she will still get an IVIG next month or not and I think we are starting to reach the end of these which will be another thing to tick off our list. Once we don't do the IVIG's anymore our visits will become really quick - pretty much just bloods, wait for results, see the doctor and "goodbye" - wow that's going to feel strange.

The rash is a bit better and Bianca's face looks less like that of a pimply-faced teenager, but it is a bit on the itchy side at the moment. So the doctor prescribed a generic version of phenergan to provide some comfort from the itchiness. Hopefully this will prevent Bianca scratching her face too much at night.

Other than that, things are going pretty well. Bianca has a bit of a cough, but the doctor isn't worried and so we are not worried either. The only not so nice thing is that Bianca woke up at 3am vomitting and thankfully it seems to be only a one-off. The last thing I'm in the mood for right now is a tummy bug and it is probably just something that she ate or had earlier in the day - not sure if it is the tacos she had for supper (which really is only a tortilla with some chicken and cheese), or the popcorn she had when we watched a movie later-on or maybe it was the phenergan. That was the only thing that was new. So we are not quite sure what was up, but kept her home this morning just to be on the safe side.

And slowly but surely we are picking up the pieces and finding normality again. I'm planning on starting my studies again early next year and I'm busy looking at job opportunities again. That part is really exciting and I simply can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Bianca is better soon.
Glad to hear that her counts are good. Won't it be great when they stop the IVIG?
I hope that all goes well with your interview and that you all have a great week.

Sharon said...

I'm so glad to hear that things continue to progress well!!!!
Bianca and I can swop some stories on rashes & itching it seems! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all the good news coming from New Zealand! Keep up all the good work and plans for your futures.
Thinking of you
Rosemary NY

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that all is finding it's way back to "normal"... Way to go for the job prospets and going back to school, I'm sure you'll be back in the swing of things in no time!