At a loss for words

I think I need some new inspiration and new topics to write about, maybe I need to start specific things like "Wordless Wednesday" and "Monday Morning Moment for..." and these kind of things that other people put on their blogs, so if you have some ideas, feel free to share.

I look at what happened today and none of that is really worthy of a blog topic. I mean Bianca had a play date with one of her best friends and Caitlyn and I went to the shops and walked around there, had lunch whilst I asked her every 10 minutes or so "Caitlyn do you need to go make a wee?" to which she replied "no" (most of the time). But she was good, she didn't have an accident and I was very impressed. Of course once we came home she decided to make a number 2 accident in her undies and that is so not pleasant (but we won't say more on this). I was supposed to tidy the house today, but was just not much in the mood, so I'm hoping that tomorrow I might have a bit more motivation. I am desperately trying to finish the Complete Chronicles of Narnia as I have to give this back to the library by next Tuesday and it would be such a shame that I have read around 300 pages (with only another 200 or so to go) and I have to give it back before I finish. I don't think I am allowed to renew books as we get to keep them for 3 weeks. And tonight I'm just not in the mood for anything. I feel a bit tired so might really just go to bed early tonight. So you see, nothing much happened that is worth a dedicated blog post. I'm not complaining because boring is better than drama to be honest, but I just don't feel very inspired or creative today. And on this note, I think I'll close off for tonight. Hope you are all having a great day!


Sharon said...

The inspiration will come as you adjust to your new circumstance!

Anonymous said...

Oooh dear, the number 2 accident sounds, well, um, poofy ;)

Try not force the blogging thing - I often find I am at a loss too... but it eventually comes back.

You'll get your groove back - make no mistake!