Can you believe it?

It has been a whole month since we ended treatment. Time really went by so fast. Tomorrow when school starts for the new term I need to collect all Bianca's acyclovir tablets that they still have for her as she won't need to go and get medicines at lunch time anymore. I think it will feel quite strange for them as this is the first time since Bianca started school in July last year that she will not need to get medicines at school. Things really are going very well indeed. Slowly but surely we are working on Bianca's eating and she's making good progress. Still sometimes a bit slow, but we are working on that. At least she is willing to eat what we make and we are happy with that. The only thing that is not so nice is that Bianca has developed this rash all over her body. It is especially visible in her face around her mouth. Today it was especially visible on her legs and at times the rash seems a bit itchy at times. I can't wait for that to disappear.

We (or rather Bianca) took this photo of her leg this afternoon:


Sharon said...

Hope this has cleared up!!!

Anonymous said...

Shame, that looks eina! Hope it clears up soon.