Itchy Business

Tonight I had the wonderful job of washing Caitlyn's hair with lice / nit removal shampoo and then to spend the next hour or so trying to use the nit comb on her hair. That's right folks, that's the joys of daycare for you - the teachers at daycare pointed out today that Caitlyn has nits in her hair. And whilst I do understand that head lice is really just a part of life and not an indication of whether your hair is clean or not, it still feels pretty disgusting. Thankfully I didn't see any lice and she wasn't scratching or anything.

Caitlyn was very good and sat still for most of the time as I used the special shampoo on her hair (if nothing else I'm sure that the smell alone will kill off any lice that there might be) and then the special comb (not easy with her thick hair), and as long as we kept the treats and distraction coming Caitlyn was quite happy to sit still. Here is Caitlyn wearing the special cap that you put over the head after you used the special shampoo. It stays on for 10 minutes and then you have to wash it out.

So how many of you are scratching your heads right now?


Sharon said...

Thankfully not something I've ever had the displeasure of having!
But my head is itching now!

Anonymous said...

We dealt with head lice last October. I feel for you.
We used Tea Tree Oil. It works great. You mix it in with your regular shampoo and it kills the lice. I spent hours combing through my daughter's hair to make sure all the nits were out, but we haven't had any problems since, so I guess it worked.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain - we are due for a follow up treatment tomorrow and I am really not looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

ME! I'm scratching!!! The joys of being a parent! Hope the treatment works for you.
Rosemary NY

Anonymous said...

And even in that funny looking hat Caitlyn still looks adorable!!
Rosemary NY

ktrierson said...

Ah lice... We have had lice in our house twice. After the first time where one of my sisters passed it along to all seven of us, we learned a few things. First, we didn't use lice shampoo... Instead we put mayonnaise in our hair and left it in for 6 hours. Then washed it out. Then we would do the same thing a few days later. The mayo suffocated the lice really effectively. After two mayo treatments we had no problems!

Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
We don't usually use the chemicals and just use the comb twice a day, as I've heard scary things about some of those shampoos. And one time I did try some un-chemical shampoo it didn't work at all.
Good luck, and yes, my head is now itchy.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I know that green cap... That stuff (if its the same as what we have in our house) works a treat though. Unfortunatley nits are just part and parcel of the daycare routine...
At least there are some advantages of having short hair though!

The Clam said...

I've never had lice either, but I say rather be pro-active than reactive. She looks so cute in her cap ;)

PS -> I did have to have a quick scratch of the old kop!