And we're finally home

Today Bianca was discharged from hospital - after spending 34 nights in hospital. To date Bianca has spent 52 (non-consecutive) days in hospital of which most were in isolation. I had to make approximately 4 trips to the car to clear the room and left with a whole bag full of stuff we need to use for Bianca - extra gloves, extra syringes for administering oral medicines, several bags of Bianca's tube feeding formula, a loan pump from the hospital and of course the medicines we need to give Bianca.

It really felt great having all four of us at home.

Caitlyn is able to sit without support for a little bit at a time. She can't put herself in the sitting position yet, but if we put her in a sitting position then she is quite happy and able to keep her balance for a quite a bit before falling over. When we put her on her tummy she is able to move around to get toys which are just out of reach. I think she will be crawling before we know it.

Tonight Caitlyn had a bath with Terence and she was playing when she got some of the bubbles around her mouth. Bianca started giggling when she saw it and thought it was the funniest thing ever.

The other day Terence borrowed a Noddy book from work (it being a library). Bianca really enjoyed reading this book with him and she was able to point out all the "Noddy" words in the book.

Bianca discovered Dora the Explorer during her time in hospital and her two favourite DVDs at the moment are Dora the Explorer Pirate Adventures and the Curious George movie. There is one bit in the Dora movie where they plan to have a show and they need to dress up as pirates. They lost their costumes which they kept in a treasure chest because the pirate piggies thought it had gold inside. Dora then have to go with her friends on an adventure to get their treasure chest back. So at one point they get to a "singing bridge" and this bridge sings the songs wrong and Dora and her friends have to sing the correct words before they are allowed to go through. So the bridge will sing something like "twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you had for breakfast". Bianca loves this bit and she thinks it is so funny.

Bianca will need to be back at the hospital for a blood test and possibly a platelet transfusion on Sunday - but it is just a day trip and then on Tuesday she will have another day trip for chemo.