Dad's day out

The Child Cancer Foundation sponsored a dad's day out on the Sunday just passed. Dean, one of the fathers, kindly organised this. There were about 20 dads of cancer children who went. We all met at the bus station - they had arranged a bus to take us to a farm in Ohariu valley, just 20 mins away from Wellington. The farm is set up as a conference venue where you can have team building exercises.

We did clay pigeon shooting with a 12 bore shotgun. I did pretty well with this, as you might expect from an ex South African. There were sheep on the hills in front of us, they didn't even move when the guns were going.
Then we went to the poles where they have pole climbing. It was just like the acrobats in the circus, except no nets (we did have safety harnesses and ropes). I didn't have a problem climbing the pole to the top, except my shoes were plastic soled and the wet grass made them slippery on the metal staples of the pole. When I was at the top I had to stand up on the pole, then jump onto the acrobat swing which was about 2 meters out from the pole. I hit the swing but couldn't grip it.

Then we went back to the conference hall and I hit a couple of golf balls away into the fields. The venue had cooked up a bunch of meat for us, so after golf we went inside and had steak and sausages and stuff in front of the log fire. All our drinks were free the whole event. Then we took the bus back to the station.

Bianca was still in hospital so I took Caitlyn home for the night - got home really late (around 9ish I think), and only got to bed around 11pm after doing all the stuff I needed to do. Then I woke up at 2am from drinking too much free caffeine drinks at the event. Caitlyn woke up at 2.30 and muttered until 3.30, then I changed her and fed her and she fell asleep by 4.30. I had set my alarm for 5.30 so I could be up and in early before the traffic hit, so I decided to do my showering stuff and ironing at 4.30 and got to sleep at 5.30, slept for an hour, then got up and got Caitlyn ready and shot in to drop her at daycare. Monday was a long day.