The weekend

Yesterday I got woken up by the nurse telling me that Bianca had pulled her nose feeding tube out while she was asleep. We had to put it back in again when she was awake. It's not a pretty procedure, I guess this is why the procedure room is soundproofed. I warned Bianca that we would have to do it and the nurse offered to give Baby a nose feeding tube and nose oxygen tube too. It was better the 2nd time around, but still Bianca wasn't very happy during it. When the tube is in it is ok, just getting it in is a mission. Bianca now has
  1. a nose tube for pushing mashed food and oral medicines through (yellow)
  2. a nose tube for oxygen (clear)
  3. a central line for taking blood out, putting meds in (like a drip)
  4. 3 wires (white, black and green) that monitor her breathing and heart rate
  5. a red light on her thumb that monitors her blood oxygen levels

Robocop has nothing on us. An eye doctor came in yesterday to check out Bianca's eyes because the CMV disease can affect the eyes. He gave us the all clear. Bianca just carried on playing with her PlayDoh. She got a new set 2 days ago after the 1st time the feeding tube was put in. Now she can do haircuts and make icecreams.

I took Caitlyn home last night, and had a good night. Today I am spending away from the hospital, I went to the shops in the morning and spent this afternoon at home with Caitlyn. I will go in tomorrow, drop Caitlyn off at daycare, then go to the hospital, drop the car off there (parking is free for us) and catch a bus into work.

Caitlyn has a bit of a cough and a runny nose, we are keeping an eye on it. She also has a bit of nappy rash, so maybe another tooth is popping through sometime soon. She is eating some stage 1 baby food now and messing all over the place.