A day out

Yesterday Bianca had to go for another X-Ray. Bianca was allowed to "help" load the X-Ray and even got to see the image on the screen. They don't have the old fashioned X-Ray prints here, but everything is on the computer. Bianca was also seen by another paediatrician for a second opinion for her coughing. They have ruled out anything serious, and it still looks like a usual viral infection. He suspects that she may have had whooping cough which she may have picked up in April or May. She would not be infectious anymore, but it will take a while to go away completely. We don't know for sure if this is the case as previous testing for whooping cough came back negative. I do understand that testing for viruses are sometimes misleading and may sometimes be negative, depending on the virus.

Bianca discovered a game at the hospital "rock, paper, scissors" and you have a little plastic gadget with a lid that you can flip closed and then you choose either rock, paper or scissors and when everybody is ready to reveal their choice, then you flip the lid open. It is just like the traditional one, except you don't use your hand. Bianca absolutely loves this game and she had a quick game with Doctor Anne and Doctor Amy. Doctor Anne is actually her doctor, but Doctor Amy often helps out with rounds. Doctor Anne is the lady next to Bianca.

This morning the doctors decided that Bianca was able to go home for the day, but that she needed to be back to stay the night. We don't yet know for sure when she will finally be discharged, but it was great to take Bianca home for a little bit. Caitlyn was at daycare so it was just Bianca and myself at home today.

The first thing Bianca did when she got home was to feed her fish. We played some games and she helped me with the washing that I did in between. And we watched Mary Poppins. Then at 16:30 we went back to the city to get Caitlyn and then back to the hospital. Bianca had quite a relaxing day that she enjoyed a lot. Thank goodness we don't live too far away. These "visits home" make the world of difference.