Tuesday, 14 August 2007

We have now been in hospital more than 3 weeks. The past few days Bianca had to have extra oxygen - this is because of the viral infection she has. They put a tube in her nose (but it does not actually go in very far, it sits just inside the nostrils, providing extra oxygen, so it is not sore or uncomfortable or anything like that). Today she was taken off the extra oxygen so it looks promising that we might go home soon.

Here Bianca is helping Nurse Sue.

Caitlyn also went to daycare yesterday and this morning. Caitlyn has now started with solids and she really enjoys it. She seems to enjoy whatever we offer so it is quite exciting. Bianca just loves being involved with her baby sister. It is so good that we are able to let Bianca still have access to all of us. It gives a bit of a sense of normality.

Yesterday Bianca told me she wanted to plan a puppet show for Daddy and Caitlyn so today we made a list of everything we need to do. I wrote it down and Bianca shared ideas. We decided that we needed to choose a story, make tickets for Daddy and Caitlyn, a poster to advertise our puppet show, making puppets and so on. Bianca decided that we will do The Little Gingerbread Man. Bianca made a ticket for Daddy and Caitlyn and she decorated it and wrote their names on it (she wanted me to write down the letters on a separate page which she then looked at and wrote on her tickets). She also made a poster and drew a picture of Caitlyn and Daddy and then four windows. She then chose the numbers 1,2, 3, 4 from her craft stuff and stuck a number in each of the windows. For the puppets I drew outlines (as best as I could - drawing is not really my strong point) and she then cut it out and decorated some of it. We then stuck ice cream sticks on the back for us to hold. So we are pretty much set to go and we will do this in the next day or so.