Sunday, 5 August 2007

Today it is exactly 2 weeks since Bianca got admitted to hospital on the 22nd of July. She had a high temperature and then they have to monitor her. They then realised she had some kind of viral infection, but have been unable to verify exactly what type. She also had very low neutrophil levels which means she is unable to fight an infection on her own at the moment. This was expected after the last chemo treatments she received. So currently she is in isolation. I stay with her during the day and then Terence stays with her at night. It wouldn't be practical to have Caitlyn sleeping at hospital at night, so I go home to look after Caitlyn and trying to get some of the housework done. I have this huge pile of ironing staring at me each time I go home - but it will just have to wait for now. Then in the morning I go and take over from Terence again.

She was allowed to go home for a little bit this afternoon. With her low neutrophil levels she does need to be monitored and should also avoid crowded places and sick people. So at 11:45 we all went home. Bianca had to wear a mask from her room to the car so that she does not catch any bugs.

Bianca fed her fish and then cleaned the fish tank with Daddy. She also did some painting. And then she had a nice bath. We had to be back by 17:30 for her next dose of antibiotics.

To date, we have spent approximately 30 non-consecutive days in hospital. I could really see a huge difference in Bianca when we arrived home. She loved just being able to play with her toys and just being here with everything that is so familiar. It is funny that after that first initial week, I thought that we wouldn't have to be admitted again if I could help it, and here we are again - stuck in hospital!

We are currently doing a practical course “how to change a wriggly octopus”. Caitlyn does not lie still anymore when we have to change her nappies and she is very quick to flip onto her tummy when you lie her down on her back. That is when you wish you had a few more arms to hold her down and put her nappy on at the same time.