Thursday, 2 August 2007

It was quite an eventful day at the hospital. We had a visit from some of the Police Armed Response guys all dressed in their uniforms and with their big guns. We also had some fairies and pirates paying us a visit. Some of the Victoria University students dressed up and two ladies from the Child Cancer Foundation dressed up as pirates. Bianca got some fairy wings and a wand and then a colouring and sticker book.

Charlotte, a medical student, also paid us a visit. She is using Bianca’s information as part of a case study she needs to submit. So we had a long chat and she also did an examination on Bianca i.e. listening to her heart and so on.

Bianca also played “What’s in Ned’s head” with Kate, the play specialist. It is a game where you have this head and then there are cards with pictures. You then have to put your hand through one of the holes in the “head” and feel around until you find the item that is on your card. Bianca absolutely loves this game.

Caitlyn was a bit overtired because she did not sleep very well with all the visitors we had. At least she doesn’t get too grumpy when she gets tired so that helps. I had the pram with me in the room and that is helpful to strap her into when she gets tired of lying on the bed or too wriggly in my arms.

It is good to see Bianca still smiling and having fun. Thank goodness for Kate. At times I get quite exhausted and don't have a lot of energy to play. I am just grateful Caitlyn is an easy baby so when she is with me at the hospital, it is not too hard. But let's not be mistaken, it is hard work being stuck in isolation with a baby who needs you and then a sick child needing help moving machines around when she wants to go to the toilet.