Friday, 17 August 2007

Today was a difficult day for us. The past few days we have been trying to get Bianca to eat more, she does not really have an appetite and is busy losing weight. Right now she needs all the calories she can get. So it is quite strange when the doctors suggest to put cream in her cereal and put butter (not margerine) on her bread and so on.

This morning they told us that there is a big likelihood that she has CMV. Usually lots of people have had some exposure to this in their life, but in her case, she doesn't really have much immunity so it is quite serious for her. So today they inserted a feeding tube through her nose as it will now be really important that she gets enough calories. She knew it might happen because we spoke about it and I warned her. So this morning when we told her it is going to happen she said "I will eat". She was a bit upset when we told her she was going to get it anyway. I started crying. I tried so hard to avoid getting the stupid nose tube and it had to happen anyway. I could not go with, so Terence went along with Bianca. She was pretty upset and it took a while for her to get used to the nose tube. Thank goodness Terence was there, I would not have been able to do this on my own.

Later in the day she also had to go into theatre for a broncioscopy to check why she is still coughing and if this is in line with the suspected CMV. At least they now have a better idea of what might be wrong and this will help them to treat it more effectively.

It does mean though, that we will not be going home any time soon and she will remain in isolation. She will continue with the oxygen and there is a slight chance she may have to be transferred to the ICU in Auckland (they are better equipped than here in Wellington).