Back into our routine

So far so good. We are still at home and enjoying every minute. We are pretty much back into our medicine routine and at the moment it looks like this:
  • Acyclovir: 1 tablet, 4 times a day every day
  • Co-trimoxazole: 6.25 ml twice a day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Mercaptopurine: Half a tablet every night for 6 nights and 1 tablet for night 7 (chemo)
  • Methotrexate: 3 tablets every Monday evening (chemo)
Thank goodness Bianca is able to swallow tablets. She is battling a bit with the Acyclovir because it is much bigger than the chemo tablets.

Last night was the very first night Bianca actually didn't make a wee in the night. Bianca is fully daytime toilet trained, but we were about to start the night time training when Bianca was diagnosed and then decided to just wait and not put the added pressure on. The reason for this is that if Bianca had to make an accident, it means we have to double-wash the sheets / clothes and it would have to be washed separately from other clothes and that was the last thing I had energy for, so we have just waited. Now I am hopeful that last night was a promising start and that she is finally ready for that night-time training.

Then in a few weeks we will have a really small birthday party for Bianca with a few of her closest friends. Of course as with everything things can change very quickly and we won't know if it will happen until it happens. Of course we wish we could invite many more children, but "more children = bigger risk" - story of our lives... We haven't told Bianca that we are planning this because she will just be so disappointed if for some reason it couldn't happen. So I'm crossing all my fingers and my toes that we are able to let Bianca have this one special moment.

I am still working until next week Wednesday and then I will visit Auckland, find a rental home and then we have to start packing. A whole new chapter in our lives...

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! glad to hear Bianca is feeling great! I have just made a tribute video for children fighting cancer if you would like to see, here is the link
(Bianca is in it) Sending my well wishes to you all.