Making silly people

Neutrophils are busy going up! They are currently sitting around 0.84. Bianca is still on only 50% dose of her oral chemo and I suspect she will still be for a little while longer.

Bianca and I have been doing some activites from The Correspondence School that her teacher Joan sent to her. Bianca really enjoyed the game where you have heads, bodies and feet and then you have to put them together correctly but you can also make silly people. She had lots of fun and kept asking to play it again and again.

Bianca also did the puzzle that was in the bag. The puzzle itself is perhaps a little bit easy for her, but I decided to spend the time to focus on building the outside border first and then to do the middle bits. Usually Bianca just jumps straight in and find pieces that would go together.

Tonight Terence and I also had to look at dates for when we will actually move and of course where things become tricky is that we need to coordinate it so that Bianca wouldn't need any hospital treatment until we are in Auckland again. Slowly but surely things are busy falling into place, but I must say this is much more complicated than any of the other moves we've had to do before, because at least then we had more freedom with days and it didn't depend on a medicine schedule.

Jo phoned today and we are due in on Tuesday and not Monday as Monday is a pretty busy day for them already and it doesn't matter if we did the Vincristine on the Monday or the Tuesday. So Tuesday will be a pretty busy day as we will get Vincristine and an IVIG transfusion so all in all will probably be busy for at least 3 - 4 hours once they get us started. So I'll just have to take some stuff to do.


Anonymous said...

Hi everybody! Hope that everything is fine with you, haven't really had acess to a computer for a while, so I don't know how everything's going, but you are always in my thoughts and prayers and I miss the girls terribly.
Bianca Ballerina, I miss you and you are my hero. Even though I'm far, far away I will always love you and keep you in my heart and I hope you'lll never forget that.
And don't forget to tell Caitlyn that aswell.
Lots of love to you all

LindaI said...

Awww. Bianca is looking so pretty with all that beautiful new hair! Tristan is just getting little strands so far. Baby peach fuzz.

I thought about little Bianca today when I met an old friend and found out that is what she named her daughter who is 3. So I had to come and check on our friend from New Zealand.