Two finger pricks today

Today I came home earlier from work in preparation for a meeting with Make a Wish New Zealand. Basically the idea was for them to come and meet us, complete some forms and to discuss with Bianca her special wish. Unfortunately the one volunteer had flu symptoms this morning and this afternoon I received a call to postpone the meeting for when there are no signs of illness. So I spent the rest of the afternoon going through things I need to organise for my visit to Auckland. I have forgotten all the little bits and pieces that I need to keep in mind for a big move like this one.

This morning I phoned Jo to ask her about Bianca's neutrophil levels and basically they are sitting around 0.5 which is pretty much the cut-off. Anything lower and they have to put oral chemo on hold. She also discussed that we are due back in on Monday for monthly Vincristine and of course an IVIG transfusion. So I expect Monday to be a pretty busy day.

Later in the day Jo phoned again and suggested we go in for a blood test just to check whether the neutrophils are indeed busy coming up or down. A good thing to check now, because Monday is still a bit away. As I was at home already we quickly went in for a finger prick. I am hugely proud of Bianca because she ended up needing two finger pricks when the one finger didn't bleed very well and not a single tear in sight! I am so impressed.

Received some great news from CCF and that is that the Christchurch oncologists will now come through weekly. Great news! It is really good that we now have a management representative who will now meet monthly with parents and she is really committed to listening to the parents and working on the communication problems. It is nice that they are working towards an effective solution.

And other than that just crossing all my fingers and toes that Bianca's party will happen. Oh she will be so surprised the day we tell her...


Felicia said...

Hey there White family! I just wanted to let you guys know that your daughter is beautiful and strong and I have been following and praying for her for a few months now. I just saw on your links a site called "Images of Hope" which happens to be very similar to an organization I just set up along with Jason Caine (beautiful warrior Taylor Warren's uncle...www.taylor-warren.com) Together we have set up a whole network of photographers and sponsors donating their time, talent, and products to our Littlest Heroes. I would love to have you guys be a part of our project and I'm currently working on finding a photographer in New Zeland to be a part of it!! We would love it if you might be able to add a link or maybe make a post either on your blog or your brave fighters blog to let all your other warrior friends know about what were doing. We would also love to link back to your brave fighters blog from our website www.littlestheroesproject.org Please e-mail me if you get the chance felicia@littlestheroesproject.org

Felicia said...

Oh and heres a banner I made for Bianca...hope you guys can use it someplace on the blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
I hope that Bianca's neuts are on the way up and not down. Sounds like they should be lowering her 6mp a bit.
I hope you are all having a lovely day in the windy city.
Take care,
Bridget and Peter