Homeward Bound!

Yesterday I got to see Starship Hospital. It is quite an impressive children's hospital with a big indoor play area as you walk into Starship. Bianca will be going to Ward 27B which is the oncology ward and it is much bigger than at Wellington, but then they do treat way more patients than at Wellington. They lent me a DVD about Starship and a little bit about Auckland which I will take back to show Bianca. It seems like a really nice hospital and they have around 6 paediatric oncologists, so we are pleased that Bianca will have access to these specialists. I know that it will be very very hard leaving Wellington Hospital and the people we have met and who played such a huge part in our lives, but at the end of the day, we have this opportunity where Terence will work in Auckland and at the same time this gives us the chance to move Bianca to a hospital with sufficient permanent specialists.

So this morning I decided that since I achieved what I came to achieve (finding a rental home and visiting Starship), I changed my flights and initially I was going to fly back on Saturday, but I am now flying back tomorrow afternoon. I miss the family so much and cannot wait to see them again! I feel so sorry for families who are split up for long periods of time as they get treatment because I've only been away from home for a couple of days and it seems like forever!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lea,
It was really lovely meeting you. The boys loved their presents and we all are enjoying the chocolates. I am glad you are heading back a bit earlier, as I'm sure you are much missed. We will look forward to meeting the girls some time.
take care,