Monthly hospital visit

Today Terence, Bianca, Caitlyn and I featured on the front page of the Dominion Post. The article is all about our plan to move to Auckland. I really like the photo of all 4 of us. You can read the article here.

The day started out with Bianca and I going to the hospital for her monthly treatment. Until they know for sure that the shingles won't come back, Bianca is still isolated from other oncology kids and so we had to go to Ward 19. Bianca is also still off Dexamethasone as they suspect that it is the culprit with making the shingles come back each time. Bianca first received her IVIG transfusion. This usually takes around 2.5 hours to run through. Megan, the play specialist from Ward 19 came to visit Bianca and brought her some nice videos to watch. Kate, one of the volunteers at the Child Cancer Foundation also came to stay with Bianca a bit and I had the opportunity to get some lunch and just take a break. I don't know what I would've done without people such as the play specialists and volunteers and staff at CCF.

After the IVIG Bianca also received her Vincristine which is a 20 minute IV treatment.

Bianca had a go at listening to her heart...

Then just before we left the parking lot, I noticed a few really small spots on Bianca's legs, but they are not overly concerned and it definitely does not look like anything that might be a problem, so we'll keep an eye on it.

Other than the monthly medicines, Bianca is still on 50% dose Methotrexate and Mercaptopurine.

This afternoon Sandrea and I took the kids to the park and we fed the ducks, Bianca rode her bicycle and the kids just had a great time playing. We saw the cutest little puppies and a tiny chihuahua. Bianca was so excited to see the puppies.

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What a stunning family photo!!!!
Love Sharon