Big change happening soon!

Friday was a busy day! In the morning I attended a morning tea at CCF. The business manager of Wellington Hospital visited and parents had the opportunity to discuss their concerns and ask questions about the current care that we are getting at Wellington Hospital. At least a positive start even though it won't change the current care arrangement until October.

Then I had to rush home to get Bianca so we could make our appointment at the hospital. It was only because of a special request on our behalf that we were able to have an appointment with the oncologist from Christchurch, otherwise we would not have seen the oncologist. The doctor pretty much agreed that we have a "Bianca protocol" because her situation is kind of unique and doesn't fit the standard protocol. The doctor from Christchurch asked me whether Bianca's face was worse when he last saw her when she was in hospital a couple of weeks before, he asked me how long she's been on maintenance, stuff that I felt he should have known, so it almost felt as if he wasn't clued up on her notes. We don't know this doctor very well, but I understand he is pretty good. Of course it doesn't help that he only comes up every so often and is already pretty busy with his own work load, so it's pretty hard on these doctors as well.

I really miss Doctor Anne. I'll never forget the one day a long while after diagnosis, one of the nurses was weighing Bianca and I said "I wonder what Bianca's weight was when she was first admitted" and at that moment Doctor Anne walked past and she heard my comment and then said "she was (whatever it was)". Wow, I couldn't believe it and she didn't even have Bianca's notes with her at the time. Now there was a good doctor for you!

But anyway, big news on our side is that we will be moving soon. Terence will be working in Auckland and so we will be moving and Bianca will be going to Starship Hospital. So on the 15th of May I will fly to Auckland and stay a couple of days and amongst other things view some rental properties. The plan is that we will move around mid-June. Our journey taught us that things can change very suddenly, that you just don't know what will wait around the next corner, and that you have to make sudden changes when you need to. So it is all good and positive in the end!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lea....
How exciting you are moving to Aucks, probably a bit scary as well. I can't wait to meet you all, I feel we 'know' you already. If you want toask any questions about schools where to live, how to get about etc etc. Let me know. You have my e-mail? I think so I can give you our phone number.
Take care