What do you get when you mix a rubber duck and a cow?

On Saturday evening we all went to a Chinese restaurant. So of course we had to keep in mind the time that Bianca would need her chemotherapy (as she would have to stop eating 2 hours before that), there is also Caitlyn's sleep time to keep in mind and we knew that she would be tired sometime between 6:30pm and 7:00pm, and of course there are the crowds to keep in mind because we are trying to avoid large crowds with Bianca at the moment. So we arrived at the restaurant just a little before 5pm (which was the time they opened for supper). It turned out to be the perfect time because we were the only people in the restaurant and so were able to avoid the crowds. The kids didn't really eat Chinese food and we took some backup options for them.
It was also mothers' day this past weekend and I wish all mothers out there a happy mothers' day. For me the day sparked two emotions:

Excitement - it was awesome being able to spend it with my girls and my day started with breakfast in bed.
I also got flowers and some presents. Bianca game me a pair of paua shell earrings, that she chose and paid for with her own pocket money. Caitlyn gave me a bottle of Honey Mead Liqueur (which was chosen by Terence on her behalf). It looks very fancy and it says on the lable: "Through one thousand years mead has been traced from the time of Beowulf and the Court of King Arthur to that of Charles II. Whilst beer became the drink of the commoners, mead was the drink of Kings and the upper classes. Only those with stately importance and inherited good taste can truly appreciate the mastery of this sweet mead liqueur, made with manuka honey and spicy ginger." Okay, so perhaps I am not much of a king or someone with "stately importance and inherited good taste"...

It was pretty disgusting...

Now for the mystery question: What do you get when you mix a cow with a rubber duck? I don't know what you would call it, but we saw one at one of the local shops.

Mothers' day was a blessing and a very relaxing day for us. A blessing because we have two beautiful girls and a blessing because we had the opportunity to spend it together at home as a family.

The day also made me feel a bit sad and I thought of so many mothers who lost their children to cancer or another serious illness and who were not able to spend the day with their precious children, mothers of kids like Christian, Kimberley, Joel, Tyler, Mickey, Rob, Krista, Felicia, Isaac and so many others. It really makes me sad to think that this is the cruel reality for many people out there.

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