What is red and white, made with love and brightened a little girl's day?

Bianca received a really big surprise from Quilts for Leukemia. It is the most beautiful red and white quilt. A big big thanks to:

  • Anne in the UK
  • Brigette in Germany
  • Clare in France
  • Dianne in Australia
  • Doris in Italy
  • Fiona in the UK
  • Geri in Holland
  • Jen in Finland
  • Nicolette in Holland
  • Pam in France
  • Simonetta in Italy
  • Sue in the USA

They each contributed to this beautiful quilt. Bianca absolutely loved it and she calls it her "favourite" blanket.

If you like quilting or know of anybody wanting to get involved, please go and have a look at the wonderful work Clare and everybody else are doing to "wrap the world in love". They brightened Bianca's day and will each time she sees it or takes it along to the hospital when she has to get treatment and so on!

Thank you, thank you so much!


Clare said...

Hi Lea,

I'm so pleased it arrived safely. I was getting worried. Bianca looks really really happy. A day to treasure for ever.

Take care.

Clare xx

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

It's SO beautiful!!! I am sure she will cherish it forever!

LindaI said...

That is so beautiful! What a sweet gift she can have for a long long time!