Trip to Auckland

I had a very successful time in Auckland and things happened pretty quickly. I arrived on the Thursday and on the Friday had 4 places to go and see. On the Saturday I signed a rental agreement with a place in Albany. It is in a really quiet area and this will be perfect for us, although we are covered if things should change unexpectedly and we have to give 4 weeks notice to terminate the tenancy if we need to, so that is reassuring to us as our journey does sometimes take unexpected turns! We will be in the section with the double garage.

On the Tuesday I visited Starship hospital and managed to take a few photos at the hospital, but didn't take any on the ward.

I went to Brown's Bay which is also on the North Shore and it feels like a typical holiday town, they have a really nice beach and in the distance you can see Rangitoto Island.

My friend Irene took me sightseeing too. Here is the view of the Auckland CBD taken from Devonport.
We also went to Morris and James.

Taken from the plane on my flight from Auckland to Wellington:

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