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Bianca has been fairly busy the last little while, but in a good and exciting way. She still love doing her sewing and they make the cutest little things. Currently they are making a bag of some sorts to put their sewing stuff in, so not sure when I will get to see this project. The last one Bianca finished and brought home was a little cat. She is so incredibly proud of herself, and we are too!

Then during last week Bianca and her class went to the Honey Centre not too far from us. I went along as a parent helper and had 4 kids in my group including Bianca. First we listened to them explain all about the hives and the bees and the honey. They showed what their hives look like and how they would extract the honey. They passed around some wax and pollen for us all to look at and the one little boy even had a chance to dress as a beekeeper. After this the kids had a chance to make a candle from beeswax. It was so easy and Bianca especially loved making it.

Afterwards we all went into the shop where we could see a display of bees (behind glass, thankfully).

And then she couldn't wait to let her dad light it at home.

Oh, and we've lost another tooth tonight. This time she didn't swallow it (and Terence helped it out a bit because it was pretty much falling out by that time), so no doubt we will get a visit from the tooth fairy tonight...

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Her sewing is really good!!!