It's amazing!

A while after we came they temporarily moved the oncology ward at Starship so taht they could remodel it. So that meant we would have to go to level 3 for our clinic, then go upstairs to level 5 for treatment. It wasn't the best arrangement, but we knew it was just temporary. Finally it is all ready and so this coming week the improved ward will be "open for business". This weekend we had the chance to go and have a look and I am so incredibly impressed.

It is beautifully decorated all along the walls.

From what I could gather there are 18 beds all in single rooms and 5 transplant rooms.

There is a parent lounge, a teenage lounge and a kiddies playroom and a very nice kitchen.

The daystay area is completely separate from the ward and within the daystay area they have a treatment room for children and one for teenagers (and you can even change the colour of the walls with specially installed lights along the walls).

They have a room with 5 beds for kids who have theatre on that day and then an infusion room for kids who need IV treatment but won't need a bed. That will enable kids to play or do homework as they get their treatment.

What I like about their new design is that they recognise the importance of emotional wellbeing and they also recognise that children and teenagers have very different needs.

I wish you could see it. All of us are so very impressed with this ward. Thank you Starship and everybody who made this possible. I just hope that with all the issues in Wellington, it won't be putting too much pressure on Starship and the available space.


Anonymous said...

Peter freaked out when we went into any of the treatment rooms. I guess to him, it doesn't matter how pretty they are and how filled with toys, they are still torture rooms to him. What a perceptive little fellow.
I thought it was all fantastic though. Although I guess we now can't go to the playroom at all when we are there on clinic days. We used to borrow toys and things while he was getting his IVIG.

Anonymous said...

It looks really nice!