Sometimes we forget

Sorry for only posting now. At times we get a bit on the busy side and distracted and then the blog has to wait.

At times we forget how quickly things can change, and on Friday we were reminded that we should never get too comfortable. Bianca had a play date on Friday with one of her best friends. After I got her, we had to go to the shops and suddenly she started feeling a bit tired - to the point where she wanted me to carry her and so I convinced her to walk just a little bit further as the car wasn't too far away. Got home and she complained that she felt cold. Very very cold. So we took her temperature and it was sitting in the mid 37s. Of course above 38 means a visit to the hosptial and so the whole of Friday night we anxiously checked her temperature several times in the night (okay Terence did). Thankfully it never went above 37.8 and went down at some point during the night. Thank goodness. I know the ward is all pretty and bright and new, but we definitely do not want a stay there at this point in time.

I have to say that I am so grateful Bianca is getting her monthly IVIGs. Right now Caitlyn has a bit of a cold and if it wasn't for the IVIG, I'm sure Bianca would have been pretty sick by now. I'm just so thankful!!!!

So the rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing (apart from getting up for Caitlyn a number of times at night thanks to her cold). Terence will be writing about what we got up to on Sunday so watch the space.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're all ok and that nothing much came of Bianca's illness!

Chatabox Girl said...

I guess you never really will forget what it is like, worrying about her health all the time.

Even when Bianca is well again, she will still have to be more careul than most.

I am glad you had a relaxing weekend. (Well apart from that one night!)