Funky Monkeys and a disco

Last week we went to Peter's Make a Wish party. He is the most adorable little boy. He wished for a playground and as part of his wish he had a live performance by The Funky Monkeys. They were so cool. They are so down to earth and the kids absolutely loved them. Bianca had the best time ever participating in the audience and Caitlyn? Well, Caitlyn loved the swing on the playground and the sandpit and the food. Bianca loved the food too - not surprisingly because she was on steroids.

Then on Friday Bianca had her school disco. She had such a great time. I didn't go, because running after a 2 year old in a hall full of people - not my idea of fun. So Caitlyn and I stayed home. Terence helped with the BBQ and Bianca briefly danced with some of her friends, but being on steroids, was more interested in the stall selling chips (crisps for those of you in the UK), ice cream, and other snacks and took a break to get a tattoo done on her face and her hand.


Amanda said...

Looks like such fun!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Pete... adorable. Are you sure you are talking about my Pete? Anyway, thanks for saying that, and I'm so glad that you guys all had a good time. I've got to start thinking about the End of Treatment party now. Which of course you all will be invited to too.
Ta ra,