Sometimes it is like a door slamming shut

It's been a fairly busy week. Apart from the usual looking after Caitlyn on the days she is not at daycare, tennis on Wednesdays, getting Bianca from school and so on, I've also been looking for a job. It is a bit scary too. Especially this time of the year, but more on that a little later so just watch the space.

I must say things have certainly become quite tough on the job front. When we first arrived there were lots of jobs and at times I had several options to choose from. Now? Not so much.

And of course I have this gap in my CV of most of 2 years to try and explain and I've realised how often when people learn that it was because of Bianca and her leukemia, how quickly they then turn me down.

Earlier this week I struggled a bit with this after a call from an agent. She asked me what it meant for an employer that Bianca has leukemia and I mentioned that I wanted to explain why there was a gap in my CV, but also an employer needs to know about this because there will be times that I will need time off. I then explained that Bianca is doing really well, is well settled at school, only needs to go to hospital once a month and that I can share this with Terence, so I would not have to take a day off every month.

She then said "well, I've got lots of CVs to go through and I will get back to you if you are suitable". You know how when you go and look at a rental place and it isn't quite what you are looking for, and you tell the estate agent that you still have some properties to go and look at and that you will call them? Yes, it felt a bit like that. So then I mentioned that if she thought I was not suitable for the specific positon I applied for if she could please consider me for something else that would be suitable, to which she replied "I understand what you are asking". Not "I will keep your details on record", not "I will keep an eye out", not "let's meet and I can get to know you better". And then afterwards I realised that she didn't have the normal reaction of "I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, how is she doing now?", no it was "so what does this mean to an employer?"

So yes, I felt pretty down after that call. It is hard when you not only compete against other applicants, but also, that I guess, people look at the leukemia situation and see that as an obstacle rather than discuss with me to try and understand how that will work in a job situation. But anyway. I'm sure the right job will come along when I least expect it.


Annie - Steven's mom said...

Oh boy, that has got to hit hard....and hurt too. You are a strong lady that needs a place with strong and caring people around you...... I hope you find your place soon.

I would have thought that an employer would look at you as being more dedicated, stronger, more reliable than those who have not been through your last 2 years!

Its a great loss for those that don't see how much you are capable of, how much you have achieved... and I hope that lady at the agency never ever gets to understand what it means to have a child with cancer...

Good luck, Lea - you are an incredibly capable lady, the right place is waiting for you....

love and light

Chatabox Girl said...

Oh, that must be tough! I know what you mean with how hard jobs are to find, but whet that lady said was just mean. Instead of looking at it as you have been off for two years, she should of looked at how this made you better than other applicants.

Same as the comment above - You are stronger, are more logical and quick thinking, dedicated, and determined than most others would be.

**Sigh** Some employment agents just dont get it.

Anyway... I have nominated you and Bianca for the Queen award over at my blog. You both deserve more than anyone to be treated like queens!

Anonymous said...

Dear lea,

Oh boy, sometimes people can be so so crap!!!!
I'm sure the right job will come for you at the right time!!!
You're an incredible person and the employer who will have you in his team will be so lucky...
Good luck and huge kiss to the girls..

Felicity said...

I worked for two employment agencies years ago and they are only interested in the numbers and targets and not in you as a person. So if you can approach the employer directly you will probably have a better chance of letting them know who you are, what you do and all about Bianca. It's really sad that some people don't care and don't see the big picture. Don't be discouraged, just keep plugging away and you will find the right position at the right time. Good luck...... Love Felicity