I told you so...

I'm not going to say much on this issue as I've said so much before. All I can say is that it is unbelievable how they actually thought parents were too "stupid" to see through their empty promises... Personally I think it is time for the Health Minister to step in and take over (that's my feeling anyway) - if the other hospitals can retain staff, then there is no reason why CCDHB couldn't do the same thing. The laughable bit in the article is Kaye Hudson who still tries to convince everybody just how committed the board is. (almost like a cheating husband telling his wife "but I'm committed to our marriage honey"). Funny how they always seem to blame numbers and things, how the doctors were so unreasonable in their expectations, and not actually how the new doctors had to keep asking for things that were agreed when they were hired and how their request for extra pharmacy time to ensure patient safety was ignored.

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Anonymous said...

Seems that health care is imperfect the world over, but looking on the bright side ... it could be worse, you could be dealing with SA health care BS!!! :-)
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Amanda said...

Geez, that's just not on! I'm just so glad that you guys are nearing the end of treatment, but my heart goes out to all the others who will need to get treatment for years to come. It's always about numbers, never about people. It just sucks!