It's lost!

Tonight Bianca lost her tooth. No, really lost her tooth. For a while it's been wiggly, but still it sat there and so yesterday we thought that it was going to fall out, but it still just sat there, stubborn, even when we tried to "help" it out a little bit. And so tonight after she ate her supper and had her after-supper-before-chemo medicines, Terence noticed that her tooth was missing. It was gone. And we have no idea exactly at which point it fell out tonight, but it is gone. She probably swallowed it when she took her meds. I feel pretty disappointed, I know it would have been important for her (and me) to leave it under her pillow tonight. In the end, she wrote a little note to the tooth fairy "sorry my tooth is gone". I'm sure the tooth fairy will understand if there is one less tooth for her to build her house (or whatever it is the Tooth Fairy does with all these teeth she collects).

The tooth next to this one is also a bit wiggly, hopefully we'll get this one...

Edited to add: We tried to get a photo, but unfortunately it doesn't come out very well, because it isn't quite a toothless grin - she already has the adult tooth behind this one and so on a photo it looks as if the tooth is still there.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Bianca is already losing teeth. It just shows that our babies are growing up. Please send a photo of the toothless grin. I bet she looks adorable.

Love and hugs to the girls

Mel said...

ahhh don't worry Bianca my little girl who is just about the same age as you lost her very first tooth too! Just like you her second tooth is just about to come out. I'm sure the tooth fairy will understand and give you twice the price for your second one!

Anonymous said...

I love her note to the tooth fairy, its really very cute!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bianca! Losing your first tooth is a huge milestone. And I'm sure the tooth fairy will really appreciate your note.