Moral of the story

Tonight we were busy with homework and the book Bianca got to read was The boy who cried wolf. Now most people probably know this story about the little boy who had to look after his dad's sheep and then because he was bored, called for his dad "wolf, wolf" and so everybody came to help just to discover that there was no wolf and so it happened 2 more times. After the third time, people realised that the little boy played a trick on them. So when the wolf suddenly came, the little boy cried for help, but of course nobody came because they did not believe him. So when Bianca finished her reading I asked her what she learned from the story and she said:

Bianca: "That the wolf ate the sheep"

Lea: "Yes... that's true, but what lesson did the story teach us?"

Bianca: "That the wolf was hungry and that it likes sheep"

By then it was fairly hard keeping a straight face.

Yesterday we did another blood test and neutrophils are now up to 1.1. Not sure what the platelets are, but we are due back at hospital next week for our monthly hospital visit (and dreaded steroids) so we'll do another test. In the meantime daily chemo remains on the same level.

Bianca also started a sewing class (with one of her best friends from school). It is really basic and aimed at little kids. Bianca had so much fun and she made 3 finger puppets. She is really proud of herself (especially after I told her that I couldn't sew when I was 5, and now in my 30s can't sew very well either). Don't you think this is so cute? Bianca's very first sewing ever - hopefully she'll walk in her Ouma (Granny) Amanda's footsteps...


superrelish said...

Fantastic finger puppets Bianca. I will have to show Milla, she will be very impressed with your wonderful work too.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I live the moral of her story.
The finger puppets are excellent and you can tell her I'm impressed because I TOTALLY suck at sewing as well.

Chatabox Girl said...

Love her comments on the moral of the story. Really thinking outside the box!

The finger puppets look great! I am a crappy sewer too, and they look better than what I could ever create.

Well done Bianca! they look excellent.

Hannah R said...

Wow Bianca, you are very clever!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what great puppets. Bianca seems to have endless talents.
Have a great day,

Amanda said...

As a non sewer, I think she's very talented indeed!