All dressed up and ready for the ball...

or school disco that is. On Friday Bianca went to her school disco. Isn't she just so beautiful? Terence bought the outfit for Bianca and Bianca chose the shiny pink shoes. She chose them because... they are shiny and pink. This morning we decided to go out and Bianca wanted to wear her disco outfit again and I had to explain nicely that this is a special outfit that we need to keep for special occasions.

Last time Bianca went she spent most of the evening buying snacks and eating... but then she was on steroids, so we were not surprised at all. This time round, she was thankfully not on steroids and she spent most of it catching up with some of her best friends.

Here they are comparing glow sticks or something.

And just to share, here is Bianca's latest completed sewing project. She made this bookmark at her sewing class and I'm so proud, she's done a great job! I wasn't allowed to see it until she completed it and so it was a nice surprise when she brought it home recently.

And the back - so much neater than most of my embroidery projects.


superrelish said...

To Bianca,

I think you look really beautiful in your disco clothes. Did you have lots of fun?

Love Milla

PS - you are very good at sewing.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Bianca had such a great time at the disco.
And, what a brilliant book mark. I can't believe that even the back of it was that tidy. My backs of tapestry and things looks like a jungle. Well done Bianca!

Hannah R said...

You look gorgeous Bianca and are so clever at crafty things. Well done!

Sharon said...

Wow, she looks adorable! And well done on the sewing, its a hell of a lot better than I can do!

Anonymous said...

OMW! Bianca is very welcome to come and do some sewing in my house!