Counting down the days...

39 days or nearly 6 weeks or 1 month, 1 week and 1 day - that is the time we have left on treatment. That is the time until Bianca takes that very last chemo tablet. It doesn't mean the journey will be completely over, it will never be completely over, but we will enter a new chapter - a chapter without any chemo. Today was the second to last monthly hospital visit on chemo treatment. It feels quite weird, almost unreal (no, actually very unreal), very exciting to realise that we are truly in count-down mode now. It felt great discussing with Bianca's doctor today about end of treatment and how it will work. I have already warned Bianca that I plan on taking lots and lots of photos at her last hospital visit whilst on chemo treatment.

Today was our regular hospital visit with blood test, doctor's visit, Vincristine and an IVIG transfusion and of course our close "friend" Dexamethasone. I am so not going to miss steroids when treatment is over. It seems as if this week will be a fairly sad and emotional one as Bianca had a few sad moments tonight (and that is after only 2 doses). Oh well, at least we take the last dose for this month on Friday, so only 4 more days to go. Bianca's counts all look really good and she remains on full dose chemo.

There are a number of things I am thinking of to mark the end of treatment. I can't see that we will have lots of people interested in a party and certainly those family members who would be interested are all based overseas, so it seems as if we will just have a small something with just us. And that is fine. We will mark it though with something that will be special for Bianca and once I have finalised what we are planning I will share a bit more information. However with the very little time left now, it does mean that I have to get myself going and start working on this art work creation thingy I plan on making so it can be done shortly after the 11th of September.

I also need to start counting beads soon. It will be interesting to see how many beads we have collected throughout our journey. What a wonderful initiative to be part of!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're counting down the minutes & hours nevermind the days & weeks. I'm so excited for you all and can't wait to hear about the special celebration you have planned.
Lots of luv!