We don't take days like today for granted

You know, I just love it when things are busy and normal. And things certainly have been busy... and normal. I know a lot of people have wondered what the effect of our cancer journey has been on the girls and whilst there is no telling what things will be like going forward and if there will be some long-term effects - emotional or physical as a result, things now, are good and today at the park showed once again that the girls are just typical kids loving life and having fun.

Today we walked to the park that is just around the corner from where we live. It is incredibly close and Caitlyn especially love it when we go for walks and she likes collecting little stones and rocks along the way. Bianca loves picking little flowers that are growing in the grass.

And then the excitement when we reached the park:

Bianca had a great time throwing wood chips at Terence and the two of them had a bit of a "wood chip fight".

Getting a helping hand from Dad:

And down the slide.

Caitlyn had her go at the "wood chip fight":

And one of her most favourite things:

Today is worlds apart from 2007 when Bianca was stuck in hospital. It was part of a 34 day hospital stay where Bianca was on oxygen for a large part of it and in isolation and in fact on the 20th of August Bianca had a severe broncospasm and she needed immediate assistance. 22 August 2007 was exactly a month since Bianca was diagnosed with some or the other viral infection that we suspect was whooping cough. Caitlyn was only 6 months old at the time, learning to sit by herself and visiting her big sister in hospital every single day.

Today Bianca seems no different to any other 6 year old, running, laughing, playing at the park, kicking a ball and Caitlyn is quick to follow her big sister. It feels good to realise that life has indeed become more "normal" again for all of us. That our kids can be kids despite everything they needed to go through to get here.

What a lovely day today!


superrelish said...

It looks like you all had a beautiful normal day, with many more to come.

Annie - Steven's mom said...

The joy of a normal day for you guys brings happy tears to my eyes..... :)
Well done, all of you. You have kept the kids' lives intact, and yours too. What a fantastic achievement like today is for all of you.
Love and light
Steven's mom

Anonymous said...

I hope you have many more normal days ahead of you. :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Busy and normal are wonderful.I'm glad that you guys got to have such a great day at the park. The simplest things really can be the best.
I loved all the photos.
Take care,