Crystal Mountain

On Saturday we went to Crystal Mountain. It was so much fun.

One of the first things Bianca did was to have a pony ride. Caitlyn wasn't keen at all and no amount of persuasion would convince her to give it a go. But Bianca had a great time on Missy (that's the pony's name). Terence got a bit confused at times because he sometimes calls Bianca "Missy".

The farm area isn't all that big, but it was cool seeing the different animals including the llamas (thankfully I didn't get spat on so by the way, as I've heard that llamas sometimes spit) and I thought the goats were really cool.

Caitlyn wasn't keen on trying to feed the animals, but was quite happy to throw food for (or I should rather say at) the ducks:

The kids loved the space and running around and exploring.

Caitlyn found some sticks and Terence thought she looked a bit like a "teenaged mutant ninja turtle" - guess which teenaged mutant ninja turtle was it that had the long stick and earn a bonus point...

And we saw the cutest baby bunnies in the barn. They were so cute. I had one of those "can I take one home" kind of moments and if I could I probably would have.

Bianca was quite happy touching one of the bunnies, providing I held it.

I think one of the favourite moments for Caitlyn was going on the train. It really only goes around the farm where we walked and fed the animals. Caitlyn loved waving at the people and the animals.

And nothing could beat this (as far as Bianca is concerned):

Afterwards Terence and Bianca went into the museum while Caitlyn played on the play structure. Next time we would probably not take Bianca through the museum because whilst it was a little interesting for her, I think the outside activities were more interesting.

Bianca and I briefly looked through the shop and wow, they have some really really nice things there. Definitely the place where one could find some nice Christmas or birthday presents. Here is the entrance to the shop.

This is definitely the kind of place we will go to again!

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