Joining the committee

Yesterday we went to the zoo. It was the annual CCF gathering.

We first spent some time getting lunch as we arrived right at lunch time (thank you CCF for the lunch vouchers) and walking around a little bit. Then we went to the place where CCF set up for us all to meet.

It was so cool to catch up with some of the now-familiar faces. And Bianca especially had a great time playing with Griffin, little Peter's brother. They were chasing each other and "hitting" each other with these sticky, rubbery things. Terence joined in for part of the fun too and he had Bianca and Caitlyn squealing and giggling (he really is a fun parent). The event finished when they brought some kunekune pigs for the kids to look at and touch and Bianca got her face painted as a tiger. Caitlyn started off interested, but in the middle of getting a butterfly painted on her cheek she burst out crying making the face painting guy feel all guilty and I had to explain that she was really just a bit tired. Afterwards we walked around a little bit more to see some of the other animals they have at the zoo and for a final play on the playground. What a lovely day! Thank you CCF!

Tonight Terence attended a meeting at the CCF office and decided to join the committee. It will be cool to be part of this area of CCF and it is something that I think Terence would be quite good at. We can't both join because we would have nobody who could look after the girls when they have meetings, so it makes more sense that Terence joins and I stay home with the girls.

Just after Terence came back from the meeting, Bianca came down the stairs complaining that her nose is a bit blocked and I'm wondering if we have another cold on the way. I surely hope we won't have some bad infection so close to being finished, I certainly don't want to end treatment spending it in hospital. I'd rather have the hospital stays behind me (if you don't mind...), although realistically it will probably still take another 6 months after last date of treatment for her to have a stronger immune-system and so there will still be a likelihood of developing some or the other infection which may or may not result in a hospital stay. But such is life and we'll just go with the flow, because we can't really do much more than that. So fingers crossed this will be very mild (whatever it is) and clears up soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

It was really great seeing you guys at the zoo. As we wandered off, Griffin said that he just wanted to go home, as he didn't want to be at the zoo if he couldn't be with Bianca. Just as well we were ready to go anyway.
Good on Terrance for joining the committee. I'm sure he will do a marvellous job.
Have a lovely day,