Born to Bead

Today was an exciting day. Today Terence, Bianca, Caitlyn and I went to visit the Born to Bead studio. It was really just by accident that I discovered her website the other day and must say she makes the most beautiful glass beads. She even made a bead that looks like earth and wow, it is just so amazing. She also has her own blog if you would like to have a look. I would simply love to learn how to make glass beads and maybe one day when I have time and available budget, I could look at attending classes. But right now, I just have too many other things on my plate. Like this photo collage project I want to do to mark end of treatment. And just to remind you all, please read my previous post because I would love to include photos of all our blog readers.

But back to the point of this particular blog entry. What caught my eye on their website is that they make beads for the Beads of Courage programme. So once a month they will have some artists who all come together and make the most beautiful glass beads and then some volunteers who come to help prepare the little bags and whatever else needs to be done.

So earlier this week I wrote to Lisa-Jane to tell her I thought her work was amazing and that we too participate in the Beads of Courage programme. She wrote back and invited us to come and have a look. And this morning we went.

It was so cool!

Bianca and Caitlyn all ready to meet the fantastic bead artists and volunteers. Bianca and Caitlyn both wore their sets of beads to share.

Meeting Lisa-Jane and one of the bead artists. We bought some flowers and chocolates as a thank you because we think what they do is just so special and amazing and certainly Bianca's chosen some pretty cool glass beads throughout her journey.

Bianca got to wear these cool looking glasses as she watched them make some beads. I told her she looked a bit like an ant.

Bead-making in progress:

There were some volunteers helping out too.

They make the most beautiful milestone beads for Beads of Courage.

During most of the visit, Caitlyn was "tall" to keep her out of the way as it wasn't the most suitable environment for a 2.5 year old and quite frankly I did not want her suddenly deciding to "help".

Both girls made some special thank you cards at home that they took along and gave to Lisa-Jane.

Just before we left, Lisa-Jane had a bit of a look at all Bianca's beads and explained some of the techniques used to make some of the glass beads Bianca has.

Lisa-Jane and the team, wow, today was just brilliant. When Bianca left the studio she wanted to know when she would be old enough to make her own beads. It was such a great visit and the work you do is just so very special. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

What a great and interesting day.
I guess they must hide all the special glass beads away, as I have never seen any at the hospital. It's such a great thing they do, anyway.

Islay said...

Hi, I met you yesterday at Lisa's studio. It was so wonderful to meet your lovely family. Bianca and Caitlyn are such sweet little girls and we thoroughly enjoyed the visit. And I have to confess that Lisa and I shed a couple of tears when you left...it just seems so unfair that children can get cancer. We hope that you come and visit us again :-) Cheers, Helen Moore.