Knowing we are not alone

The one thing I didn't really expect when I stated this blog was that I would have readers in so many different countries. That's the best thing about having our hit counter. Oh and seeing how people find our blog, although for us it is pretty ordinary most people find our blog by searching for us or by typing a phrase like "paua shells" or something that I referred to and find it this way, not half as entertaining as how some people find some of the other blogs I follow. They sometimes do a whole blog post about that and I've been wanting to do that, but people simply don't find our blog by typing questions in Google like "does my girlfriend still love me?" and "why does my child have a temper tantrum?". Oh cool, maybe by typing these questions some readers will now find our blog by asking those questions :-).

Unfortunately the problem with the free hit counter I installed when I first started my blog is that it stopped working after a while. Something to do with Terence installing Linux and cookies or something, but it would not let me log on. Not even when I clicked on the "I forgot my password" button and it sends me the same password I have been using from the start. So it is a bit disappointing that I lost all those initial stats. But we can't sit and mope and feel sorry for ourselves. As Terence says "that's what you often get when you use things that are free". So recently I installed it again and it works fine.

But to get back to the point, it is so cool to see which places some of my readers come from, places like New Zealand (of course), the UK, the US, South Africa, Germany, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Maysia, Italy, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Netherlands and Jordan.

Recently I received an email from one of our readers and the email gave me an idea. Now that I'm making this photo collage for our wall, wouldn't it be great if all our blog readers could send us a photo of themselves which I could then use in this photo collage, because the best thing about this journey has always been knowing we are not alone.

We don't get a lot of comments. Let's be honest child cancer is not the world's most interesting subject and I sure wish I could write as entertaining and compelling as some of the other people out there like Sharon, Suzanne, Amy, Renee, Kristie, Sandy and Carole. Well, actually all the blogs and journals I follow are all good, but these ones in particular make me wish I could write like them. But my blog served it's purpose, it's done what it was meant to do and to the best of my abilities I have always tried to share as much of our journey as I could. I am so proud to have had the chance to create awareness of something that I certainly did not have a clue about before Bianca was diagnosed.

So as we near the end of our treatment, please could I ask that you let me know who you are even if you never comment or email, but simply lurk in the background, if you've been a reader of our blog, I'd simply love to know to be able to share with Bianca. If you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment, please do send an email to leawhite2109@hotmail.com. And if you could send a photo of yourself so I could show Bianca who all the readers of her story are, I'd really appreciate that!

Just knowing that we are not alone, that makes the world of difference!!!


jason said...

Bianca wow can't believe your right near the end of your treatment, It's been a huge support to me knowing your mummy and being able to connect with her and check in on how your doing your so brave and beautiful and have a wonderful family. What a roller coaster of a journey you have all had but your beautiful smile remains Bianca well done guys. Bianca your a true hero poppet. x

With Love From The Page family uk.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for roughly about a year now, and have never commented before. I think I found it through the stuff.co.nz website.
Anyway, my name is Cathryn, I live in Hamilton, NZ.

I am so pleased that you are nearing the end of your treatment, and I wish your family all the best for the future.

Jacki said...

I LOVE reading your blog!
I hope you don't stop blogging because Bianca is ending treatment! We want to watch her grow...healthy and happy!
I'll send a pic even though I'm not photogenic!~

Jess said...

Hi Lea and family,
I've never commented before but have been following the blog since it featured in the dom post. I'm just an average 20-something kiwi that found Biana's story (and you all), inspiring. She seems such an awesome kid and I really enjoy reading the blog.
Take care, Jessie.

Anonymous said...

well I know you have pictures of me since I lived you for 7 months, ps this is Jody. If you want my face on your collage I would allow you to put a photo of me up hehe.
Miss you all

Sandy said...


I'm a lurker, but not a commenter. One of the reasons I don't comment is that I feel that I have nothing to offer that can even remotely compare to the experience that you're going through.

In terms of your writing - it's absolutely amazing and it's brought both me and my mother to tears. I suspect that the lack of comments on your site is not due to lack of writing skills but lack of knowing what to say. I'm honoured that you consider me a good writer with an interesting blog, but if you look at my comments I think the most that I've generated is five or six and many go uncommented on. I'm just humbled and amazed that people actually want to read about my claying hobby.

My mother has been intending to make Bianca a Bottle of Hope for a while so I've been content to let her try and still will. In the mean time, now that we're able to make Bottles of Hope for Toronto Sick Kids, I'd like to make some in Bianca's name to give to Toronto Sick Kids. Does she like the Monsters (I do those the best)? If so, please drop a note with colour choices and which type she likes, and how she'd like them made fancy and I'll make them with Bianca's smiles in mind. Her heart can reach out and touch someone across the world (though her story is already doing that).

Officially de-lurking,


Anonymous said...

The very best wishes for the end of treatment from Dublin city, Ireland. My own daughter Leonie is now 9 months of treatment for ALL and I really cant tell you how wonderful it will be for you as her mam- you will finally exhale. I think keeping your blog has been great and I'm sure you will just love putting this behind you like we have.

Im not too technical but I'll send a photo of Leonie and I to your email account as I cant work out how to post it this way to you,

kindest regards,


Esther - ex Surfergirl said...

Lurker from NZ here. Just following your journey and wishing you all the best.
I think I found you via the OHBaby site.

Sharon said...

That's an awesome idea about the photo'! I'm totally keen to participate, so let me know!!!!
And there's nothing wrong with your writing and childhood cancer is not boring, its damn scary!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course you can use my photo. Although I am so unphotogenic that you may change your mind. Ha ha.

Briars Mum said...

Hi Lea & Bianca. My name is Rochelle and I have been following your blog since I heard about Bianca being on the Good Morning show in Wellington a while back. I get updates from your blog every few days. It has helped me get through our own journey. My daughter "Briar" was diagnosed with ALL on 10.10.07 at the age of 7yrs, she has just had her 9th Birthday 26.06.09. We live in Hamilton, so our shared care treatment has been at Waikato Hospital and Starship. I have looked for you over the months up at Starship, but we seem to have different chemo days. Briar has 3 older brothers, 12, 15 & 18yrs. One of them comes with us to Starship every 12 weeks as support for Briar and for some sense of normality. Briar finishes treatment in February 2010, so we are counting down our treatment days too. I feel mixed emotions really, excitement as well as the unknown. I must send you a photo of Briar as she has loved seeing Bianca's photos throughout her journey. I have learnt so much from your wisdom, especially in the early days of our treatment, when you have no idea what you are in for. It has been nice reading exactly what I was thinking but noone else really understands unless they are going through what we are. My email address is: rochelle.miller@nzei.org.nz if I forget to send you a photo, please email me. How exciting for you all counting down the last few days of treatment, it must feel very surreal and unbelievable really. We are at Starship on 14th September for Briar's LP, and then I think we only have one left after that.

Anyway take care, and thanks for all the interesting blogs over the years. It has really helped our journey.

With Love from Rochelle & Briar Miller, Hamilton, NZ x

Anonymous said...

I have been following Bianca's journey for about 10 months now, however have never left a comment. Now I would like to take this chance to tell you what an amazing girl Bianca is with such an amazing family. You all have inspired me so much. You are are heros!
Anna, California