We are just so close

I don't have any significant news for today. It was a pretty ordinary day today. Although Terence and I did manage to go for breakfast this morning. He doesn't often get to take a chance to take time off work, but this morning he was off from work. So it was really nice just the two of us. We haven't had much "us-time" since Bianca was diagnosed because life with kids are simply... well busy and if it includes a child with cancer, well then you can't always have luxuries like these. But we are not complaining!

Today I was asked how we feel about being so close to end of treatment and the truth is, I'm not quite sure. It doesn't feel quite real just yet even though I know that it is only 16 more days. I don't think it will quite hit me until the first time we don't have to time Bianca and the first time we don't have to give her a chemo tablet. It will also be quite weird for the school as this will then be the very first time since Bianca started school last year that she will not have to go get medicine at lunch time. It feels weird to think that we are so close when the past two years felt like a lifetime. Right at the start it didn't feel like this day will ever come to be honest and it felt just so far away, but here we are. But I am so very excited that we are so very close to this milestone. Only 16 more days!!!


Sharon said...

I think its understandable that it doesn't seem real. This has been your reality for so long that life in a different reality is impossible to imagine!
But its going to be awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lea - I just wanted to say I am so happy for your family that it is almost over. God has watched over Bianca. She is an amazing little girl. I hope you continue to post blogs and keep us posted on all her lifes journeys.

from California

Anonymous said...

From your subject title, I thought you were going to be writing about how close you and Terrence are.
Even better being close to the end of treatment. I can understand it feeling a bit unreal. Roll on the end....

Anonymous said...

I hope that the next count-down you do is for something mundane (but it won't be mundane after the journey you have all taken!) - something like the girls graduating, or their wedding-days, or till the birth of that first grand-child.

Thank you for sharing this count-down.