Learning to paint

Today I went to a workshop at The Paint Basket. Now let me just start by saying I've never done a proper painting before in my life, but was assured that this is suitable for beginners (hey, you can't get more beginner than me) and I was told that we would be using a painting knife. (Sorry a what? Yes I didn't know what that was before we started).

So this morning I went and must say that it was such great fun. We were a class of 9 people some of us had some painting experience (others more) and then some like me who has never really painted before. Dennis, who ran the workshop, recently arrived in New Zealand and is such a talented artist. He is also a really good teacher. He does workshops and lessons from his studio in Torbay here on the North Shore.

Here I am all ready for action, do you think I look like an artist yet?

We used a template and carbon paper to get the outline on the canvas.

This is the picture we used as reference:

I used Dennis' stock of oil paints and one of his painting knives and must say that I am grateful for the advice to wear old clothes.

I have to say that I was very surprised to find how easy painting with only a painting knife can be. We didn't use any brushes at all.

Throughout the class Dennis painted his own painting to demonstrate what we needed to do. I think that definitely made all the difference, being able to see how an expert does it.

And finally the end result. Here is my result (so what do you think?):

And Dennis' final result:

Thank you so much Dennis for the wonderful day. I had great fun and am absolutely amazed at the end result. Who knew that I was able to paint something worthy of hanging on my wall? I'm by no means an expert, but you have showed me a great technique and I'm hoping to learn more going forward.

If you would like to contact Dennis to attend a workshop or book some lessons, his contact details are:

Dennis Clark
The Paint Basket
Tel: 09 473 3402 or 021 1295 122

Also thank you to Sophia Elise for letting me have the details for today's workshop. To read more about Sophia you can visit her profile on the NZ Art Guild website here or her blog here.


Anonymous said...

That is really impressive Lea! It looks like you had a great time too. I guess that soon your walls will be covered with Masterpieces.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! That's really good! Well done!

Anonymous said...

hey lea, it's cool that you're learning to paint! i love it, too :) just wanted to share my new video with you... i'm trying to raise awareness about childhood leukemias and the awful effects its treatment has on children. (i've included bianca) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHIVYVG6Bns god bless!!