Random ramblings (or something like that)

I'm not too sure what I should write about.

Things here are just fairly ordinary, with not much to report at the moment. Terence commented this morning how it feels a bit strange not to have to do daily medicines anymore. Sometimes we tease Bianca and we'll say "Bianca, come get your medicines" and she'll start coming and then stop, roll her eyes and say "I don't need medicines anymore". I think at school it will be quite different for them too because since Bianca started school, her routine has always been to go to the office at around 1pm to get her Acyclovir tablet and suddenly she won't have to do this anymore. I told Bianca she could still go and say hello to Mrs Stewart in the office and perhaps say something like "I'm not here for my medicines". Our next hospital appointment is the end of October and until then we try hard not to think about medical stuff.

This week we've started toilet training Caitlyn and so far so good. During the day (except for nap time) she is undies and she makes maybe 1 accident a day. I think that is pretty good. She is growing up so fast.

Yesterday I realised how very small this world really is and I discovered my Std 8 (probably the same as Year 10) English teacher is living on the North Shore where we are living and he works at one of the schools that we used to live close to. I do feel ancient though when I start working out how many years ago he was my teacher, so I try hard not to think about that.

Sadly yesterday, I discovered a news article and read that the one teacher from my high school days was shot and killed by another teacher at the school he worked. Mr Liebenberg wasn't one of my teachers, but he was well-liked when I was at school and I must say that I just felt so incredibly sad to read that he passed away. It is also so sad that he was killed this way. It is sad that the other teacher reached a point where this was his solution. I can't help wondering when the point of no-return happened. Was it when the other teacher woke up? Was it when they had their meeting? Was Mr Liebenberg scared? Did he realise what was about to happen? My heart really goes out to their families who must have so many questions. Such great sadness, such a huge tragedy.

And then some of you may have read or heard about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Samoa. It makes you realise how very quick things like these can happen and I'm just so sad for the people who have been affected with these tragedies. New Zealand was warned to stay away from the beaches with some areas asked to move inland (which of course encouraged a lot of people to actually go to the beach to see if they could see anything). We have not been affected, but the risk is there. The Red Cross set up a site for donations to help the people in Samoa. You can click here for it. To make a secure online donation you can click here. For another way to donate, click here.


Sharon said...

That story about the teacher shooting is very odd, its all over the news here and there is lots of speculation as to the reason or cause!
Glad all is going well, I'm sure it will be a long time before you define and get comfy with your new normal!

Anonymous said...

It always takes time to settle into a new normal - in no time at all you'll be so busy with new normal stuff that the meds etc will feel like a dream.