Yes, we are still here

And I just want to let you all know that whilst some may expect we are all strung out and stressed about being in hospital, we really are not. It is tiring, it would be really nice to all be at home, it does mean Terence and I have to keep in touch through Facebook, but...

We've learned a long long time ago that we just need to take one step at a time and one day at a time and so it doesn't bother us too much when we need to be in hospital. Spending more than 106 days in hospital as inpatient (since diagnosis) has certainly prepared us for this admission and whilst we do hope we get discharged soon, it isn't that bad being here.

We find the overall service at Starship very very good. We are not on the oncology ward because we needed an isolation room which they don't have available on the oncology ward, so despite the fact that these staff don't necessarily work with oncology kids and certainly have never had Bianca on this ward, ever, they really are doing a wonderful job.

Yes, the room is small, but it has its own bathroom with a shower and toilet (and that is always a plus in our books - we were once stuck in an isolation room probably for a good 2 or 3 weeks with no bathroom fascilities and Bianca could not leave the room and so we had to keep asking for a commode for her) and a bed for the parents, the ward kitchen is just opposite our room and they've even been giving us (the parents) some options for breakfast as well as a meal at dinner time. We are not used to that and certainly at Wellington they only supply to the children and not the parents / caregivers.

I can also take a short walk to the main part of the Auckland hospital where there is a Muffin Break and a Subway and so on and so for us, many more options than we've ever had at Wellington Hospital. So really, the stay has been fine.

Yes we do miss Kate (the play specialist at Wellington) who would make Bianca giggle with her silly antics, but the play specialist on this ward also seems really nice, although not as silly as Kate and she's been popping her head in every so often asking if Bianca needs something. To top it all I also believe they have a childcare centre here at the hospital where, if I had Caitlyn with me, I could leave her for a little bit if we were here for clinic or back inpatient. So if for some reason we are still in on Monday, then I might just consider it.

So we really don't mind being here and so far it has been okay (apart from an unpleasant experience I had with the one doctor today, but I'm not going to go into detail on the blog).

Last night Bianca and I waited for the new year. Bianca came to sit on my bed for a little bit and lucky there is sufficient space to move the IV pole around to my side of the room. We had a nice time looking out the window and the beautifully lit buildings and finally we managed to see some fireworks. Bianca really loved it. It didn't go on for too long and so then it was time for bed.

Yesterday Bianca only went to make poos twice and today twice so far (but it is not runny anymore, so much, much better!). Last night Bianca's temperature was normal the whole night and for most of today, but unfortunately is now back to 37.6 (and I understand that if she stays fever-free for 24 hours we might be lucky and be discharged, but until then we'll stay in hospital). Neutrophils have jumped up from 0.02 to 0.33 and whilst this is still neutropenic, it is definitely better than it was and a good sign. So a good start to 2009 and the first day of 2009 started bright and beautiful and sunny.

This morning Terence came for a visit with Caitlyn and at first Caitlyn came into the room saying "Bakie!" She was really happy to see Bianca, but she got bored fairly quickly and then knocked on the door saying "walk". So after we all ate lunch I took Caitlyn downstairs to the play area and she loved pressing the buttons for the lift and running around, going on the slide and so on. And then it was time for home for Terence and Caitlyn.

Tomorrow it is my turn at home and Terence's turn at Hotel Starship.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you guys got to see the new year in and fireworks!!!
Hopefully Bianca will be discharged very soon.