And we are back in hospital!

Our freedom was short-lived. This morning it seemed as if the spot on Bianca's face started spreading. So I took a photo, emailed it to Jo and then phoned her to see if it was anything to be concerned about. Instruction: "bring her back in". And it is funny because usually it takes us a good week or so to catch our breath and slowly unpack all the bags and things, but last night Terence and I unpacked most of the things. So there I was scrambling around to pack bags again.

Got there and they confirmed that it is shingles. Basically once you have had chicken pox the virus stays with you for life and can then flare up as shingles at any time especially in kids with low immunity, although it is definitely more common in adults.

Look at the redness around Bianca's mouth:

Kate the play specialist came to visit Bianca and Bianca really enjoyed it a lot:

Bianca was so very brave when they put her wiggle in. Not even a tear in sight. Bianca does pull a face when they put it in, but the skin is numb so it isn't sore at all. (The dark bits underneath Bianca's lips, chocolate!):

It has been 260 days since we started treatment and to date Bianca has spent 83 days (non-consecutively) as an inpatient at Wellington Hospital of which a total of 43 days spent in isolation. It really is starting to feel like our second home.

So basically today we did 2 doses of the antibiotic and the anti-viral meds and then that was stopped so now we are back on IV anti-viral meds at the hospital, Bianca also had her co-trimoxazole twice today and will be getting her Mercaptopurine tonight 2 hours after supper.

Tomorrow morning is also Caitlyn's very first birthday!


Anonymous said...

Hi, i read your blog daily and am sorry to hear Bianca is back in the hospital. Hope she is feeling better soon and happy birthday to Caitlyn for tomorrow!!

Clare said...

I'm keeping up to date with you all, even though I'm not commenting.

Bianca's quilt will be rady soon. Can I have your address please? Oh and thank you so much for the links.