A visit to Kenepuru Hospital

Today Bianca spent some time doing some painting. Last week she got some activities from The Correspondence School. She had lots and lots of fun and she made quite a mess! Bianca loves painting.

Bianca also complained of a sore wee today. It was only once though and no fever, but we've had past experience where she complained of a sore wee and it was either a urine infection or kidney stones. So I phoned Jo and she told us to go to Kenepuru Hospital (normally we go to Wellington Hospital, but Kenepuru is closer to us and it was just for a urine sample so Jo sent us there). The sample came back clear and it has now been sent to the lab to culture it to see if there are any bugs in there that we may have to worry about. So then we came back and they will phone us if there are any worries.

She still coughs a bit, but mostly evenings and just as she wakes up. It hasn't gotten any worse, so for now we are just keeping an eye on it.

Caitlyn learned a new trick. We close the door in the play area so that she does not crawl to the other rooms and gets into mischief. So now a couple of times today she crawled up to the door, pulled herself up and opened it and she was off, very proud of herself.

And she's standing up by herself more and more often. Wonder when those first steps will happen...

Medicines today:
  • Mercaptopurine - 1 tablet a night

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Whites. This is Susan, from the state of Pennsylvania, in the USA, writing again. I have been reading your blog for about the last week and introduced myself earlier.

I just want to thank you for posting all of those photographs. They were delightful! And I absolutely LOVED the sequence where Caitlyn pulls herself up to a stand to open the door. How utterly charming. :) :)

Continued Prayers, Hugs, and Best Wishes, Susan