Helping children like Bianca

The New Zealand Child Cancer Foundation annual appeal week is coming up. You can read all about Petra Hancock who is the face of this year's appeal. It will be from Monday 10th to Sunday 16th of March and in Wellington there will be a street collection on Thursday 13 March. Alison from CCF discussed the possibility with me to help them out as coordinator for their spot by Thorndon New World and I felt quite excited at the prospect, but unfortunately then realised that Sanna will be on leave during this time. And that means that Terence and I will somehow have to find a way looking after the kids.

Before Bianca became sick, I never knew exactly what the Child Cancer Foundation does to support patients. And not just patients, their families as well. And we honestly would not have coped if it was not for CCF. We have no family here in New Zealand and most of our friends are all living in other countries. So without the CCF it would have just been us, all on our own. They help out with meal- and petrol vouchers, they organise events such as morning teas, Dad's day out, the annual Christmas party, camps and so much more and quite often just being there when you want to just talk (or not). CCF has become family! It is quite disappointing that such an important charity has no funding and has to rely completely on donations and sponsorship. Child cancer is pretty much a life-long situation where not only the patient is affected, but the whole family. Even long after treatment stops, there will still be effects to deal with and it is comforting to know that we will have CCF right by our side!

So I really do feel that I want to find a way to give something back to CCF to say thank you so much for everything they do for us. That's why I am so disappointed that I won't have the opportunity to help out this time round. But next year, and of course I will be right there with Funrazor this year!

So if you are able and looking to support this worthwhile cause, they are looking for somebody who would enjoy coordinating a collection point on the 13th of March (they have a meeting at the Wellington offices this coming Wednesday 27 February at 7pm). Or if you have an hour to spare, they would appreciate your assistance with collection. And to the rest of you in New Zealand, look out for the CCF collection points from 10 to 16 March 2008!

Please email Alison O'Connor at aoconnor@childcancer.org.nz for more information!

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