Possibly chickenpox? I hope not!

Well things are still pretty much the same. Bianca still has the one red spot on the side of her head (which seems no bigger than when they first looked at it on Friday). Of course it looks a little bit different when you look closely and so today they took a bit of a sample to test it. She still has bruise-like spots on her legs. Basically the doctor feels that it is likely that it is a bacterial infection coming from her central line or something like that (but that we should be able to treat with antibiotics). But for the time being Bianca is off the Mercaptopurine and we are finding out about the Dex, although she had her 2 doses of Dex today.

However, the texture of the spot looks like there might be a very small chance it could be because of chickenpox contact (or so they tell me). For the life of me I cannot even imagine where Bianca would have had any chickenpox contact. But in this game, they have to take precaution even when they are still waiting for results. And of course if in the unlikely event that this is chickenpox then that means we have to be careful that none of the other patients have any risk whatsoever. So they moved us to Ward 19 into a proper isolation room.

I miss Ward 18. Ward 18 sort of feels like home to us. And of course being in proper isolation means Terence and I can't even use the kitchen at the moment, we pretty much have to rely on the nurses to bring us whatever we need.

In the next day or so we will hopefully know what we are dealing with and in the meantime we will stay put and just wait. I'm hoping it is not chickenpox and we can move back upstairs.

Thank you so much Sanna, if it wasn't for you, then today I would not just have had to entertain Bianca in an isolation room, but I would have also had to deal with a busy baby!!!

Medicines today:
  • No Mercaptopurine (chemo) tonight as we wait for the spot on Bianca's face to clear.
  • Dexamethasone (steroid) - 2 tablets twice a day (this is taken 5 days every month).
  • Vancomycin - 6 hourly through IV.
  • Gentimycin once a day through IV.
  • Acyclovir (not sure how you spell this) - 8 hourly through IV.
  • Piperacillin Tazobaclan (not sure how you spell this) - 8 hourly through IV.

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Anonymous said...

I really hope it's not chicken pox. Pete was in isolation for that for a month and it was a very lonely, boring time when he was in hospital. And we know what it's like not being in the oncology ward. Here in auckland you are always being shunted from ward to ward and it's just not like 27B.
I hope that you and Bianca get some answers very soon and get home.
All the best,
Bridget and Peter