A fussy day

So today was a fussy day. There is no other word to describe it. Caitlyn was fussy pretty much at all mealtimes, not wanting anything we offer. And then she flat out refused to sleep this afternoon so then by 6pm she was pretty tired and I had to take her to bed, even though it was way too early for her. And Bianca seems to go through a stage where she is willing to eat her food, but she drags out the mealtime for the longest time and you find yourself constantly reminding her to eat.

So all in all, a pretty fussy day. And of course tomorrow (even though it is Saturday) Terence will be at work and so I will be babysitting pretty much the whole day.

In 2 weeks my baby girl is turning 1. Wow, I cannot believe it. Next week I have to plan a small little party for her. It will pretty much just be us. But I think Bianca will be quite excited getting involved in the planning of this. And to think she was 3.5 months when all this happened and now she will be turning 1 already!!!

Medicines today:
  • Mercaptopurine - 1 tablet a night
  • Methotrexate - 1.5 tablets this evening

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