Happy Birthday Caitlyn, you are 1 today!

Happy birthday little girl!

Today exactly a year ago you joined our family and you made Bianca the happiest big sister ever and Mommy and Daddy were so pleased that you came to stay. We were quite surprised that you weighed 4.7kg and had this thick mop of dark hair on your head. Quite different from Bianca who weighed 3.5kg and had virtually no hair and later blonde curly hair.

You won't remember it, but you were just over 3 months old when your big sister became sick.

And as we sat there digesting the news of Bianca's illness and our new life I vowed that we will remember all your achievements, your development, so I made a point of putting your photos and stories in the blog as well.

You also don't realise it Caitlyn, but you brought a sense of normality into this "new life" of ours. You brightened Bianca's day every single time you visited in hospital and also at home when Bianca gets excited each time you smile, clap hands, crawl or try to walk.

Today I will make sure you have a chance to open one of your birthday presents, but we promised your big sister that we would wait for her to get out of hospital and then we will have a really nice, fun birthday party for you. Bianca will want to help bake your cake (she already chose a fairy cake for you) and she will want to help decorate it (probably with pink icing). And then she will gently help you open your presents and show you how to blow out the candle on your cake. Because that's what Big Sisters do!

You are our special baby girl. Thank you for your beautiful smile, and the fun moments you bring us all. Mommy, Daddy, Bianca and Sanna love you very very much!


downeyseven said...

What a beautiful girl......Bianca and Chloe are port twins! Don't you just love the play specialists that come around? They may hospital stays so much easier. We trust good health to conquer those shingles!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Caitlyn! Number one is such a special birthday and I hope you get to have a party with Bianca very soon.
Lea, I was really sorry to hear that Bianca is back in hospital. I guess Shingles is slightly better than chicken pox (although I don't know too much about it really). But I hope it is not too painful. And I hope you both get out of there very soon.
All the best,
Bridget and Peter

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Caitlyn!!!!
I hope you have a lovely party when Bianca gets home.
Love Aunty Sharon

LindaI said...

Happy Birthday Caitlyn!!!