Girl Power

Last night was another restless night. We decided that it would be best if Bianca slept in our bed because we can't really fit two people into Bianca's bed. So Bianca and I slept on my bed and Terence slept in Bianca's bed. She didn't sleep very well at all. I think the rash is really bothering her. The thing with shingles is that it follows a nerve path, so it can get quite sore. Every few minutes she would kick me, or she would turn, or she would push me away. Neither of us got much sleep.

During the day Bianca was pretty miserable. She wasn't in the mood to eat, talk or do anything and so she ended up sleeping most of the morning. At one point Sanna was concerned that Bianca might be getting a high temperature, but it turned out to be a false alarm! It was only after Bianca woke up from her sleep that she finally cheered up.

Today Bianca said "I don't want to get married". Sanna asked "why is that?" And Bianca replied "because of girl power"!

Caitlyn walks quite a bit now that she has figured out how. It is just so very cute. She has also now discovered her tongue and would "chew" on it and each time Sanna would nearly get a heart attack thinking that Caitlyn put something in her mouth.

This past week has been quite exciting for me with my new job. I started on Tuesday in a contract position which will be for 6 months and is a project coordinator position. I work at one of the banks in the city. I am so pleased about this opportunity and this will certainly help going forward. I enjoy contracting because it does give me a bit more flexibility with Bianca. And of course this position will allow me plenty of opportunity to learn lots of new things. The people in my team are all really really nice and they made me feel so welcome. There is also another lady who started on Monday so we sort of stuck up a bit of a friendship.

I hope tonight will be a much better night and that the rash will disappear so that my little girl can start feeling a bit better.

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Viks said...

Hello, I came across your journal today and thought I would leave a message to say


to Bianca

Lots of love