Happy birthday Terence!

Today was Terence's birthday. Last night Bianca and Daddy baked a chocolate cake. This morning we started off by letting Terence blow out some candles and opening some presents.

Terence then had to go to work.

I went to the Child Cancer Foundation for their monthly morning tea. It was great to catch up with some of the now familiar faces and some new faces. I met a mom and her little boy who is from Wellington, but mainly treated in Auckland. Her little boy is so cute. He also has ALL. They will be here for a little bit before they have to be back in Auckland.

I didn't take Bianca along with me because she still coughs every so often and I didn't want to take her just in case it might be something to worry about. Wouldn't want to share bugs with any of the other children.

At CCF they gave the cutest, fluffiest teddy bears for the children and I managed to get one for Bianca and one for Caitlyn.

They also had some volunteers from Bank of New Zealand and so Bianca also got a piggy bank. So now each time she gets pocket money she will be saving some of it.

Then this afternoon all of us went Tenpin Bowling. Bianca loved every minute of it! And then supper before we came home in time to bath the kids.

All in all a good day!

Terence got some nice birthday emails and a quick phone call from his dad (living in South Africa). Thank you very much!

Medicines today:
  • Mercaptopurine - 1 tablet a night
  • Co-trimoxazole - 6.25 ml twice a day


Anonymous said...

Hi folks. Thanks for your note. All seems to be going okay so far. Just holding our breaths til our next scans. Keeping you in our prayers. Keep the Faith and Stay Strong.
God Bless, Cheryl Dideriksen

The Smits in Dubai said...

Happy Birthday Terrence!!!
We hope you have a wonderful day,
Dubai is lovely, hope you are all enjoying New Zealand. We check your blog all the time!!

Lots of Love,

Megan, Murray, Shelley, & Nico Smit

Michelle said...

Hi there! You have a beautiful family! I found your site on Dylan Mayo's. You have one tough little girl!

God bless you all,
Michelle Council

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Terrence!

Lea, thank you so very much for including Kami on your website!

Bianca is beautiful, and a brave little girl! I love her new fuzzy stuffed animal, and her cool piggie bank!

She can start saving up now for her first car! :-P

Hugs and Prayers! ...xoxoxo...Jill and Kami www.caringbridge.org/visit/kamisroadhome

Anonymous said...

She is looking lovely! I just love the picture of her on the side bar laughing with another little girl. Each of her smiles lets her joy show so very clearly. I have not started pill swallowing with Elias yet, he reacted strongly to the suggestion. We are just waiting. Keep having good days!